The Automated Command Core is a Judger defense system that initiated the Xeno attack on mankind when the ship travelling with the Colonial Pride crashed onto the Xeno asteroid. This was interpreted as an attack. It is powered by crystals, like many devices on Therrius, and is badly damaged by Kal Wardin. Its attacks are aborted by the Judgers when they awake.


It's in command of Xeno actions and controls the Judger Citadel while the Judgers are in statis, and has at least some self-defense mechanisms. For example, it's equipped with weapons which can fire three powerful yellow energy beams, and a large blue beam that fires from its central crystal. It can be defeated by destroying the crystals powering it.


It is a spider/crab like mechanical being. Its underside consists of metal and weapons, and its top is soft skin and wires. Beige and gunmetal in colour, with a number of spider-like red eyes. It is kept afloat by some unknown power source, likely power crystals.