This page is for people who would like to help out this wiki by banning spammers from chat. But of course people can't just join on the first day and become one. No you need to do the things below: Also you'll get a better chance of being an admin if you've been a chat mod.

What you must do

  • Be on the wiki for at least 2 months
  • Be on chat at least 4 days out of every week
  • Have at least 50 edits (Number will go up as more people join)
  • Be a respected and trusted user. Meaning know to have helped out admins and be kind to all users.
  • You cannot have a bad history on this wiki.

Making a request

When you put down your request you must have the fallowing things:

  • Your name with link
  • Why you would like to become a Chat Mod
  • Put the request in the catagory of "Chat Mod Requests"
  • When naming your request you must put your user name with Chat Mod Request. (Example: Tomandjerryfannumber1 Chat Mod Request)

Requesting Chat Mod

To place a new request click the button below. But not before reading the rules for doing this.

Good luck on your request :)

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