The standard controlled marine.

Controlled marines are human marines working for the Human-Volterite Alliance. They are frequent enemies in N.O.V.A. 2 and their names suggest that they are controlled by Psychers against their will. Many variants have been identified. Generally, the black, brown and blue variants are armed with an Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade but often the orange variants are armed with a Rocket Launcher.

They are able to drive/be a gunner on a 4x4, and Kal Wardin has even had one drive for him thanks to an encouraging mine stuck to its chestplate.


-They may have been based off of Combine Soliders from Half-Life 2

-The weapon carried by the blue armoured marines is identical to that of the white armoured ones despite the fact that it fires plasma rounds

-Their helmets have tubes coming out of it possibly connected to an oxygen tank