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N.O.V.A. 3 Concept art

Machine Gun Turrets also known as automatic turrets or autocannons are powerful automatic weapons. They can be mounted on tripods or built into vehicles. They vary in appearances but they are all powerful automatic weapons with infinite ammo. Due to their heavy weight you cannot move when using them, unless you are in a Mech or 4x4 vehicle.


Turrets are effective against enemies of all armour levels. It is not effective against large groups of enemies or enemies that attack in Melee combat such as Cyber Tooths or Skull Crushers.

In N.O.V.A 3, Volterite Dropships were very vulnerable to turret fire. A few seconds of turret fire could destroy a ship.

A variant of the turret shoots grenades. It can be found in Ice and Fire in N.O.V.A 3.

Multiplayer Edit

In multiplayer mode, players can use the machine gun turret to support players like cover the allied flag carrier from the enemies while they trying to kill the flag carrier or capture the flag. In team death match players can use the machine gun to support their team mates to help them to survive.The machine gun shoots very fast and pretty good view with the scope. But be careful players can snipe you down with sniper and rail gun or blow you up with explosive weapons while you were using the gun.