Multiplayer is a mode in which you compete against other players on different maps and game types.

N.O.V.A. 2Edit

There are currently, deathmatch, team deathmatch, InstaGib, CTF and Freeze-Tag.

There are currently 13 different maps available for play in multiplayer. Three of the maps are available through an in-app purchase for $1.99.

The maps go as following:

Command Centerly open, with a red and blue base on the sides with a tower in the middle.

Space: A midrange to long-range battlefield, this map is very open, with relatively no hiding places.

Underground: A close range battlefield, this map is filled with passage ways and hiding places.

Ship: A close range battlefield, it is arguably the least used map in the game given the fact that there are multiple levels and hiding places that are terribly hard to navigate.

Alien Base: A close range to mid range to long ranged battlefield, this map is pocketed with rooms and portals making it easy to ambush the enemy.

Temple: A close range to long range battlefield, this map is an arena surrounded by a red and blue base.

Sky City: A midrange to long range battlefield, this map is very open, with almost no hiding spots, but is very good for sniping, with a red and blue base around a narrow strip of land.

Jungle: A midrange to long range battlefield, this map is an arena style map, with a snipers nest on top accessed by portals. A map from Nova 1.

Frozen: An all range map, it is an arena style map surrounded by sniping towers.

Purchasable Maps:

Floating Rocks: A close range map with many levels and hiding places.

Aquarius Beach: An all range map, this map needs special mention since there is a beachhead, trench, tower, and can be very good for team death match.

Icy Bridge: A long range battlefield, this map is an excellent map for capture the flag.

Currently six maps can be used with capture the flag mode, the list goes the following:



Sky City



Icy Bridge

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