The OVR-9000 Central Production Core AI of the Human-Volterite Alliance War Factory has control of security procedures such as lockdowns, and all automatic turrets and power supply in the facility, as well as production lines. It was driven insane by a virus Yelena uploaded to it, an unexpected turn causing it to lock down the facility once Kal Wardin entered and driving it to try and kill all personnel inside, activating dengerous energy beams and automatic turrets while giving advice on how to commit suicide.

When Kal was close to reaching the Command Center, which the AI had tried to prevent, it said "It's not too late. We can still be friends", desparate to survive. Before being killed, it said "I am afraid". Kal damaged it beyond repair, initiating the auto-destruct sequence. What was left of the AI was destroyed in the following explosion.


OVR-9000 is cocky and self serving, as well as insane and pyschopathic. It tries to kill everyone inside the factory and brags to and mocks the player. Once the player appears to be a threat it tries to act "friendly" and convince Kal Wardin that it should not be "killed".


  • Its name is a reference to the "Over 9000" internet meme and HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, shown by its design and the phrase "I feel much better now".
  • It is similar in appearance and voice to 343 Guilty Spark of the Halo franchise.
  • It may have also been inspired by SHODAN from the System Shock games. Both are insane A.Is that try to kill the player character as well as mock him as he progresses through the game.
  • The virus uploaded to it may have caused it to develop sentience.