Rufus Waters
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Rufus is an old friend of Kal Wardin, who he used to work with on Theta. He's also a fan of H-7 Moons and is not very good with names.

They reunite on the planet Boreas when he contacts Yelena, telling her he can give the location of a Judger artifact. He remains anonymous, identifying himself by saying he would never forgive Kal "for getting him banned from the Black Rose Brothel".

When they meet, Rufus saves a defenseless Kal from a group of thugs ready to sell him to Dominion, and from that moment they fight alongside each other to recover the final Judger artifact, which is taken by the Volterites to Volteron.

There, they also meet Maz' Rah and fight through the armies of the Dominion until they get to the temple where the final artefact is located. However, after Yelena had set the artifact to explode, Maz' Rah had turned on them and made Kar'rak kill Yelena, Rufus had to restrain Kal Wardin from trying to save her. Rufus would then help Kal fight Maz'Rah and dodge his attacks via the Kar'rak. Maz'Rah then redeemed and killed the Overseer after realizing his mistake. Both Rufus and Kal then escape the planet before the bomb explodes, unscathed thanks to Prometheus' teleporting them to safety. Unfortunately, Maz'Rah was fatally wounded and remained on the planet, where he perished in the explosion.