SkyCity is a gigantic space-faring city and the capital ship of the Human-Volterite Alliance. It appears in N.O.V.A 2.




SkyCity appears as a metropolis on a platform surrounded by a energy shield floating in space. There are numerous tall buildings, a large highway, the Alliances Imperial palace and possibly residential areas.


Kal Wardin goes there to destroy the Ring of Apocalpse. First he drives along the highway in a speeder bike to reach the Imperial Palace. When he arrives at the palace he fights through the guards to get to the Ring of Apocalpse. After he destroys the Ring of Apocalpse he heads to President Gerard Folsom s quarters to assassinate him. When he is killed and the security systems are deactivated Kal Wardin heads to the inner chambers to assassinate the Overseer. The Overseer escapes deeper into the palace but is killed by Kal who then leaves.


The Multiplayer map SkyCity obviously takes place in SkyCity. It consistes of three main platforms two of which have other platforms (which are good for sniping from) on top which can be reached via jumps. A sniper rifle is also present on this map


  • The idea for an alien capital city ship may stem from the Halo franchise's "High Charity"