Kal secures the device on Earth

This device was built by N.O.V.A. forces based on a stolen ancient Judger artifact. It was brought to San Francisco (Earth) in the hope of using it to make the planet inhabitable once more. According to Yelena, it must've broadcast a signal, as the Volterites became aware of it and wished to seize it, as it was both powerful and proved a N.O.V.A. presence on Earth, prohibited by the Coalition Treaty.

Prometheus approached Kal Wardin with this dilemma and said that unless the powerful device was secured, the Judgers would destroy both humanity and Volterites. Once Kal secured it, Prometheus took possession of it, and what he did with it next is unknown - most likely it was transported to a safe location of Judger origin.

After this, Prometheus sent Kal to retrieve two more unidentified Judger artifacts - one that was on Therrius, and another that was on Boreas. now that the Volterites hadbeen set on the trail of other Judger technology capable of unbalancing the galaxy.


  • The theft of the Judger artifact component used for this device sets in motion the events of N.O.V.A. 3

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