The Thug Boss is a high ranking Thug in N.O.V.A. 3.


The thug boss


He is bald with sunglasses, wears the normal thug clothing and appears to be slightly taller than normal thugs and has a bigger build than all other thugs. He also wields a N.O.V.A. Handgun.


The Thug boss was sent to be imprisoned on Boreas along with the rest of his gang. He escaped in a prison riot and resided in the region of Boreas controlled by escaped convicts. His gang was able to catch Kal Wardin and he planned to sell him to the dominion, but Rufus, who clearly knew the man, caught him by suprise and forced him at gunpoint to release Kal, claiming his intention was to sell Kal himself when as a matter of fact he was helping Kal. Nothing is heard of the Thug Boss thereafter.