Maz' Rah gives the artifact to Kal

This is the second of two Judger artifacts that Kal Wardin was sent to find by Prometheus during the events of N.O.V.A. 3. It has the potential for mass destruction, and was taken by the Volterites with the intent of create a weapon harnessing such power. It was found on the prison planet Boreas, and was taken to Volteron before Kal or Rufus could recover it.

Kal, Rufus and Yelena landed on Volteron, battling through many Volterite forces until they reached the Kar'rak temple, where Yelena set up the self-destruct sequence to destroy the intended weapon meant to use this artifact. After Maz' Rah betrayed the group and had Yelena killed, he battled Kal and Rufus, eventually turning and redeemed himself, in his final moments giving the artifact to Kal. When the self-destruct sequence went off, Prometheus teleported Kal and Rufus to safety before it could harm them, presumably destroying the weapon. Prometheus also presumably took this artifact by order of the Judgers for safekeeping.


- This artifact resembles the crystal keys used to activate consoles in the N.O.V.A. 3 Campaign.