An appeal to whomever might care!

Hello all, I am requesting a meet-up of all the Higher-ups, as well as common persons (like me) to discuss the futures-future, as well the present-future of N.O.V.A. Wikia. I am ecstatic and immensely hopeful for the N.O.V.A. Universe; I want this wikia to be as detailed, and immersive as BattlestarWiki.

Getting to my point, I would ask that we meet up over Skype, or have one person, (Admin probably) have all our cellphone numbers, and then initiate a Super-Conference Call. We would discuss rules, regulations, as well as outlining certain projects (i.e. - Yelena's page?!) and just general chat about the Game, the Universe, and your thoughts on the Future of N.O.V.A. and maybe even Gameloft. But, absolutely no platform-wars!

This is a really poor explanation/essay. Not, what I intended. But I'm tired. Oh well...

If you want to participate comment bellow with your time zone, for example, I'm PST, (Pacific Standard time)

Thank you for reading. And please, DO NOT put your phone numbers within your comments. The comment ares is Public, and visible to all.

Again, Thank You for your time and your thoughts.

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