Hey there. If you're reading this, then this Wiki isn't actually dead (haha). Anyway, I would like to ask some questions (that you could answer in the comments) about these weird things I've noticed.

Lava Walker

  • Small Walker
  • Large Walker

On the first Volteron level, there are a couple of these strange spider-like creatures walking around in the lava. They seem to move around like sumo wrestlers taunts. When you shoot them, nothing happens, however. What ARE these things and what do they do?

Floating Metal Creature


Thar she blows!

On the third level, there is this weird metal thing seen eating a dead Volterite. Judging by that alone, it's possible that this thing is some sort of scavenger. If you approach it, it will flee. Shooting it causes it to flee prematurely. Whatever this thing is, it only appears here. If anyone's seen this thing in other parts of Therrius, please tell me where and when.

Smiley Face


The Human/Volterite Alliance cares about lifting their soldiers' spirits.

In N.O.V.A 2, you will find a smiley face atop a building while lowering the bridge to proceed to the secret base on Aquarius. What is the purpose of this? Is it a helipad, does the enemy just have a sense or humor, or is this a non-canon easter egg by the developers?


Pay special attention to your environment the next time you play one of the N.O.V.A games. You might find something very memorable.

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