Erm, ok. This blog is for a bit of Multiplayer advice on N.O.V.A. 3. This is a list of good settings for a map you might want to create to attract players to:

1. Lost World: Capture the Flag

2. Badlands: Capture the Flag and Team Death Match

3. Last Stand: Free For All, Team InstaGib, Team Death Match, and Capture the Point

4. Warehouse: InstaGib, Team InstaGib, Team Death Match, Free For All, and Freeze Tag

Less popular maps: Scorched Earth: Less users play on Scorched Earth due to the landscape that is too big. Players seem to spend more time running than fighting. Moreover, Jetpack users have the most advantage.

Heart of the Machine: Again, Jetpack users utilize their skills again not in favor for the newbies. The main area of this map causes you to fall into the gaps, causing you to waste time, and to be exposed to enemy fire above.

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