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  • WolfSpirit42

    Yes, brovs, I'm back in da 'hood!

    And/also I need and errand running from you lot.

    So, here's da ting, I am suffering from major screwups from gameloft.

    • Dramatic account issues
    • Ridiculously annoying gameplay problems and crashes.
    And as I can't log in, it says "User cannot be found" and "Password is incorrect", I can't post forum to get help, nor retrieve my password. So, what I want (as I can't find it, although I'm not brilliant at looking for things, but..yeah) is you guys to go get Gameloft's help email, or general one.


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  • WolfSpirit42

    Anybody who has categorised a page I request them to move it to a category titled with the correct spelling.

    Eg. Category "NOVA 2" shall be called "N.O.V.A.2" otherwise we will have duplicate and too numerous categories.

    correct category for N.O.V.A.3:

    Everyone start moving things

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  • WolfSpirit42

    100 pages!

    September 12, 2012 by WolfSpirit42

    There we go guys, one hundred pages! Kudos everyone! So we're seeing a lot more activity now, pages edited, images, blogs.. It's now become a hive of activity, almost seeing as much action as Halo Nation or whatever. So, keep it up guys, have fun editing, and get this the best site ever!

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  • WolfSpirit42


    September 6, 2012 by WolfSpirit42

    Are we the official nova wiki now? Because some things stated on here may be incorrect

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  • WolfSpirit42


    June 12, 2012 by WolfSpirit42

    So, I'm an admin! Fear me! I hope I will have a nice long time here, and to help out and make this a better place! Thanks to everyone who helped us achieve this and thanks to Tom for Admin. Happy editing guys!

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