I just want to know if we are going to have any form of chat, which will you prefer? IRC or the normal chat?

IRC, often put into wiki mantinence. Facts...
  • known to sometimes to speed up your Internet
  • can be costomisable
  • advanced lay out with status, Whois, infobots, different hosts and nodes, and it's own site
  • can be hard to read
  • hard to distinguish people on it
Chat, the most comman method of communication on wikis
  • fun emotes
  • easy to read
  • avatars and easily distinguishable people
  • can be prone to lag
  • can be prone to glitches
so if we have a chat what will it be? What are your views? And is there anything you would like to add?

Leave your views in the comments area please.

many thanks!

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