• Xenokiller45

    Possible Projects

    September 8, 2012 by Xenokiller45

    Guys I agree with some of these things we need to work on, but here are some of my ideas,

    Different pages for the different types of guns in each game. ie: the assault rifle in NOVA 2 is different then the one in NOVA 1.

    We need to expand on the characters more. Especially the Prometheus page.

    I do this if i read the error, but there are many gramatical mistakes on many pages.

    Certain pages need to be added like the Ark, Ring of Apocalypse, and the speeder bike from NOVA 2.

    Also there are tons of guns in NOVA Elite that are still part of the NOVA Universe. I put on the Smoke Grenade page, sorry for the bad pic I couldn't find one from NOVA.

    Pages for each level and Multiplayer maps.

    Thank you for listening... I know these seem boaring but they mu…

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