In N.O.V.A 3, a Wasp, or Volterite Dropship, was used by Volterites as a dropship to deploy soldiers. It was very tough, and could take multiple shots from a rocket launcher. 2 Wasps are deployed to kill Kal Wardin in the level "Sands of Time." It is also used to deploy reinforcements to the Volterite Temple in Hell's Gate.

In the opening mission, Homecoming, a Volterite ship shoots down a N.O.V.A fighter. It is unknown if it is a different ship, a modified one, or if "Wasp" is a general term that applies to a range of Volterite ships. Also, in Price of Loyalty, a Wasp bombs the NOVA base.

Although they were very tough, Wasps were very vulnerable to turret fire. A few seconds of sustained turret fire, which can be done in Price of Loyalty and Hell's Gate, easily destroyed the Wasp.