This page is where users who have proven their worth to the wiki (By doing the things listed below) go to take the biggest step that they will take while on the wiki, becoming an admin. But you can't just go on this and make a request on the first day of joining. No you must do the following things:

What you have to do

  • Have at least 70. (The amount of edits will go up as more people join)
  • Be on the wiki for at least 3 months.
  • Be a trusted and helpful user.
  • You cannot have a bad history on this wiki (i.e banning, being kicked from chat repeatedly, ect)

But please NOTE that if these following things aren't done than your request will be deleted. And if you do it again and still haven't met the goals than it will result in a 1 week ban.

What to do when making the request

But anyway when making a new request do the following things before you publish the request:

  • You put the request in the caregory of "Adminship requests".
  • Also the most IMPORTANT thing is to name the request your own username and the words request for adminship. (i.e Tomandjerry fannumber1 request for adminship)
  • When you get on it you must write the following things in this order:
    • What is your username, also put link with it.
    • How many edits you have so far.
    • Why you would like to be an Admin

And once you post your request be sure to give the admins up to 1 week to reply. (We get very busy, and we need to have all of the admins vote on your request.) And then if we all agree than congats, you're a new admin.

Requesting Adminship

To place a new request click the button below. But not before reading the rules for doing this.

Good luck on your request :)